Deck Sanding & Deck Polishing in Melbourne

Many people think that because most decking timbers have been treated, they don’t need to do anything to maintain their deck, but this is not the case.
Having your deck cleaned, sanded and stained is important as it will help protect your deck and make sure it stays in good condition whatever the weather Melbourne throws at it.
The sanding process will ensure an even application when you stain and, that the stain actually sticks to your deck.

MAX Flooring offers deck sanding and staining services across the greater Melbourne region.

We also do timber deck restorations.

As a Melbourne-based business we can offer you affordable rates from $22/m2. For more details check out our blog post – floor sanding costs

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Around the pool area deck sanding and polishing
Maintaining your deck doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to save money you can clean it yourself.For more details check out our blog post – maintaining a timber deck. But when you want to sand and stain your deck, we recommend you call in professional deck sanders.
There are a couple of reasons for this; firstly we’ve seen the damage when people who are not experienced with sanding equipment have attempted a DIY on their deck.
In some cases people actually damage their decks to such an extent the decks then require filling – this of course costs more money.
More commonly though, the inexperienced sander will simply be left with end result that is less than desirable, with noticeable streaking and swirls.
We have been sanding decks across Melbourne for 15 years and we use high-grade sanding equipment to give you a smooth, even finish.
If you find rot or other serious problems, again we suggest you call in professionals. Our team are experienced at timber deck restoration and have restored decks all across the greater Melbourne region.
After your deck has been sanded, it will need a good clean and then, when totally dry, it can be stained. The drying time for your deck will depend on the time of year and how much sun your deck gets every day. Obviously, your deck on average will take longer to dry during a Melbourne winter than summer.
In terms of choosing the best stain for your deck our team are always willing to advise you.
One of the most important things we recommend is that you use a product that will protect against mould and fungus and UV rays.
To discuss your staining, sanding or timber restoration needs, give our friendly Melbourne-based office a call.
You can feel confident you are in the hand of experts who will guide you through the deck sanding process step-by-step.