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How to maintain a timber deck

April 29, 2019
Your timber deck is the perfect place to entertain guests on a Saturday afternoon.
It adds value to your home, gives you, family and friends the perfect spot to hang out and, it’s low maintenance. It’s a win-win-win!
All this is absolutely true, and decking IS low maintenance, but don’t confuse that with NO maintenance.
Your timber decking needs a bit of TLC to keep it looking amazing and to ensure it retains its value.
Not to mention that giving your deck a bit of regular attention could save you thousands down the track.
We’ve compiled a simple do-it-yourself guide for basic timber deck maintenance – essentially it’s all about cleaning.
None of the steps are complicated; it’s just a matter of devoting some time (and a little money) so that your deck can remain the perfect weekend hangout for many years to come.
You should give your deck a really good clean at least once a year. This is important as even though the timber has most likely been treated to protect against insects and decay, that doesn’t mean it’s bullet-proof. Constant exposure to the elements will see your deck deteriorate over time if you don’t step in.

What you’ll need to do:

Firstly remove EVERYTHING from the deck. This includes chairs, tables and the barbecue. Note - when you put the larger items back after cleaning, we recommend you place them in slightly different positions. This will help prevent wood discolouration.
When the deck is completely bare, it’s a great opportunity to check for problems like rot, cracks in the timber, loose nails or discolouration. If you identify rot or any other serious problems, we suggest getting in touch with a timber flooring professional to determine treatment options.
Assuming your deck is in good shape; give it a thorough sweep. Make sure you remove any debris from the cracks or, you could be paving the way for rot problems in the future. Be careful not to scratch the timber as you sweep.
Next up the fun part! We recommend using old fashioned elbow grease to scrub your deck. Use a soft bristled brush and a cleaning product that is suitable for your decking type. OK so this part is not exactly fun, but doing it this way will give you the best results. The EASY way to clean though is with a power washer but, you need to do it carefully as the pressure can actually damage the wood. If you do choose this option, read up on how to use the washer to avoid damaging the deck.
Your deck should now be looking super-clean. Give it a good rinse and then take a break and allow your deck ample time to dry out.
One you’re sure your deck is dry; it’s a good idea to seal it with oil. If you’re not sure what type of oil is best for your decking type, contact your local timber seller or hardware store.
That’s it, you’re done! Now you can sit back, crank up the barbie, and enjoy your beautiful, clean deck with peace of mind.