Lime Wash Floors in Melbourne

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What is lime washing?

Lime washing is a timber floor whitening process that produces a sophisticated, translucent pale finish. It’s NOT like painting your floor white, the beautiful natural patterns in your timber will still shine through, but, the paler timber effect means your rooms will feel brighter.
Lime washed floors has sparked interest in Melbourne among people looking for a lighter effect in their homes or businesses.
It’s also a great option from a maintenance point of view – particularly for high-use areas. Limed floors stand up very well to constant traffic – they are a stylish, low maintenance alternative. The lime washing process can actually fill small cracks and holes in the timber and conceal minor imperfections.
MAX Floor Sanding has been lime washing floors in Melbourne for 15 years.Our charge rate is from $22 per m2.

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Lime washing has an ancient history. It was traditionally used to protect building exteriors and to create brilliant white surfaces and the product itself was, unsurprisingly, made from lime.
Modern lime washing products however are designed very differently. You can be assured one application will last for a very long time.

What does lime washing involve?

Note, different timbers respond differently to lime wash; lighter woods like oak and ash area easier to treat while darker timbers or timbers with high oil and wax levels need to be treated differently.
Don’t worry, whatever your timber type; we will work with you to achieve your desired result.

There are four main steps involved in lime washing timber:

  • Firstly we’ll prepare colour samples onsite to make sure you get the look you want.
  • The next step involves removing the strong natural colours of the timber. We use a bleaching product to achieve this. Bleaching ensures nice even tones across your timber flooring and is really the most effective way to remove colour.
  • Once the timber has been lightened, we’ll sand back the timber with a fine sanding grit and then apply the white liming floor finish. We use high quality products to ensure you get a result that lasts.
  • When the white liming floor finish has dried, we’ll apply a clear finish to complete the effect.