Timber Floor Repairs & Timber Floor Restoration in Melbourne

When it comes to timber floor repairs across Melbourne – from Geelong to Mornington –MAX Floor Sanding is at your service.
Whatever the problem with your floors; whether it’s simple wear and tear or more serious problems, as experienced timber floor repairers in Melbourne, we can help.
We treat timber floors affected by a range of issues including: termite infestation, water damage, splitting, nasty gouges, scratch marks and even squeaky boards.
We will restore your timber floor to its former beauty, so that it becomes a feature you are proud to show off rather than one you are desperate to hide.

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You may think you need to replace the whole floor, if the boards are in poor condition, but let us advise you, it’s possible a simple sand and polish will restore your floors to their former glory. This is obviously a much cheaper option than replacing the entire floor.
If you do need boards replaced though our team are expert at colour-matching and will do their utmost to ensure your new boards blend as well as possible with the old.
Factors like the age of the boards, the timber type and the shade used all impact how easy it is to find a close to perfect match. However, we are able to source old and new boards from a variety of markets and are confident we can find what you need.
If you’re replacing boards or repairing damaged ones, you may want to consider sanding and polishing the whole floor at the same time the repair works are done. This will ensure the most even, consistent result.

Once your floors are back in tiptop condition there are a number of simple things you can do to keep them that way:

  • Install good door mats at all entrances. Walking dirt and grit all over your floors is a sure way to scratch the polish.
  • In spots that get a lot of use, for example the kitchen sink or dinner table, install non-stick rugs or mats to protect the floor.
  • Keep it clean: Always clean spills up straight away, otherwise you risk staining the coating or, if it’s a lot of liquid spill, swelling the floorboards.
  • If you are wondering whether you need to restore or replace your floor and how much it will cost, give Melbourne’s timber floor restorers and repairers a call on 03 8362 4083 .