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Floor sanding cost Melbourne

April 29, 2019
When enquiring about our sanding and polishing services, one of the first questions customers ask is ‘how much will it cost? Our floor sanding service, across Melbourne, costs on average $22-$32/m2 (incl. GST). This includes polishing. It’s a competitive price for floor sanding in Melbourne and takes into account the fact that we have a highly experienced team that will ensure you get the results you desire.

When calculating your quote we’ll look at a number of factors including:

The size of your floor/s (measured in square metres)
The condition of the timber boards (the time since their last sand and polish, the amount of traffic individual areas have experienced and, whether the boards have been damaged can all affect the quote)
How much preparation work we need to do (if your boards have lots of raised nails and splinters we’ll need to spend more time preparing the floor before we can get onto the sanding)
The type of timber you have
The type of sealer or coating you’d like applied at the end.
The amount of detailed work required (features like long, narrow hallways and wooden staircases can cost extra because they take more time)
Talk to us about how you can reduce costs. One simple thing you can do is ensure all furniture has been removed from the rooms before we start. This obviously saves on preparation time for our team. You can also pull out or clamp down all uneven nails to help create a smooth surface.
Some customers also save money by doing the polishing themselves. We would only recommend you do this if you’re experienced at polishing as this process can be just as difficult as the sanding.
Your best option if you want to know ‘how much’ is to call us for a FREE QUOTE. We can talk through the particular features of your timber flooring and give you the best possible price.
If necessary we will arrange a site visit with you before quoting to ensure your quote is accurate.
When it comes to cost AND quality for your floor sanding job, MAX Floor Sanding is the team you should look to.
We have 15 years experience floor sanding in Melbourne and we take immense pride in our happy customers.

We service the following areas (all for the same price):

  • Eastern suburbs
  • Northern suburbs
  • Western suburbs
  • Bayside
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Geelong
  • Frankston