Affordable Floor Sanding & Floor Sanders in Melbourne Western Suburbs

MAX Floor Sanding provides professional floor sanding and polishing services to the western suburbs of Melbourne.
We also offer these additional services to the western suburbs:
  • Deck sanding
  • Timber floor repairs and restoration
  • Lime wash floors
When it comes to floor sanding, we are your locally based experts. Not only do we have more than 15 years experience working with timber floors in the western suburbs of Melbourne, we offer very competitive rates and guarantee you’ll be happy with the finished product.
Our price for sanding and polishing ranges from: $22-$32/m2 (incl. GST).
The variation in pricing is based on a number of factors we have to take into consideration– read more on our blog Floor Sanding Cost Melbourne

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If you’re thinking of getting your timber floor polished, here are some points to consider in terms of choosing the stain or finish best suited to your floor:
There’s such a huge range of brands and products on the market nowadays, it can be a little overwhelming! At MAX Floor Sanding, our years of experience as floorers and sanders have led us to recommend various brands to customers for their quality, durability and ability to resist scratching.
Popular finishes can be divided into three basic groups:
  • Water-based Finishes
  • Oil-based Polyurethane Finishes, and
  • Solvent-based Polyurethanes

Water based finishes are very popular as they tend to have minimal odour and are also quick drying. Because they are resistant to scratching they are perfect for medium traffic areas. Water based finishes will retain the natural colours in the timber and won’t yellow over time. If you want to stay in your home during the finishing process, we would strongly recommend a water based finish because the minimal odour and quick drying time will allow you to get on with things.

Oil-based polyurethane finishes are durable and will suit most types of timber floors. This group of finishes are easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. They are easy to apply and therefore popular with DIY enthusiasts, but, they can yellow over time.

Solvent-based polyurethanes are MAX Floor Sanding’s top pick for heavy traffic areas as they have a high resistance to dents and scratches. However, be prepared, solvent-based products may cause your wood to darken over time. We recommend vacating the property when using any products in this family because they release such a strong odour.

If you’re still undecided what type of finish to select, contact your Western Suburbs floor sanders on +61 477 881 011