Cost Effective Floor Sanding & Floor Sanders in Frankston

At MAX Floor Sanding we’re always happy to travel to beautiful Frankston for a job and we promise you’ll find us working hard all day, not lazing on the beach!
We have been offering our services as floor sanding experts to Frankston for 15 years now and can provide you with numerous positive testimonials from happy customers.
In Frankston we offer the following services:
  • Floor polishing
  • Deck sanding
  • Timber floor repairs
  • Lime washing
Our price for a standard floor sand and polish in Frankston ranges from $22-$32/m2 (incl. GST).

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Thinking of pulling up that old carpet to expose timber floors?

There are plenty of advantages to hardwood floors over carpets, not that we’re biased, but timber floors are the most beautiful flooring type you can have.
Here are a couple of reasons we reckon you should go for it Frankston, and bring back the timber!
  • Sophistication and style – switching to timber floors is like an upgrade for your home or business. Most people view timber floors as ‘high end’ and a luxury product because of the way they look (especially when finished with a gloss) and because they are a natural material.
  • Allergic reactions – carpet is renowned as a breeding ground for microorganisms and for collecting dust. If you have allergies they will potentially by triggered or exacerbated by old carpeting. Timber floors are the perfect solution. They are easy to clean and can be wiped free of dust as often as needed.
  • Timber goes the distance – if you look after your hardwood floors (we recommend a simple sand and polish every five years) they can last for the life of the house. Damage like staining, wear and tear and scratch marks can often be completely removed with a good sand and polish, returning your timber floors to as-new appearance wise. When timber floors fade again, simply sand and polish to restore their glory.
  • Carpet disappoints – it is much more difficult to clean. Stains and furniture indentation marks can impact your carpet’s appearance over the years not to mention fading meaning you will need to lay down and remove carpet several times over the life of the house while timber floors just keep on trucking.
  • Finally, timber never grows old! – While carpet styles come and go, timber remains a true popular interior decor. It’s always on trend. And to update it – just change the stain.
At MAX Floor Sanding, we pride ourselves on making customer’s homes look fantastic. Call your Frankston floor sanding professionals today to discuss giving your floors a facelift.