Professional Timber Floor Sanding & Floor Sanders in Melbourne Bayside

With its charming beaches, heritage houses and proximity to the city, Bayside Melbourne has plenty to offer.
If you’ve moved into an old Bayside property with timber floors we suggest you have a look at their condition.
Timber floors ideally should be sanded and polished every five years, this ensures the timber lasts for a long time and looks its best.
MAX Floor Sanding, based in Melbourne,has been working in the Bayside region for 15 years and offers the following services to homes and businesses: 
  • Floor polishing(which includes sanding)
  • Deck sanding
  • Timber floor repairs
  • Lime wash floors
If you’d like more information about lime wash floors go to Lime Wash page.
We offer competitive rates across our service range.
Our floor sanding and polishing rate is from $22/m2

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As floor sanders for Bayside, Melbourne, we don’t want to see you throw away money on unnecessary timber floor maintenance.
We have a few simple suggestions we offer all our clients to make sure you only see us when you really need to:

  • Firstly, keep those floors clean! – we suggest you install dirt-trapping mats at all entrances to your house so that people can remove excess dirt, sand and grit before stepping on your floors. You should also wipe up spills straight away before moisture can affect the timber. Sweep the timber regularly to prevent build-ups of scratchy dirt and grit. Ensure you use a soft bristled brush or, better still, a microfiber or electrostatic mop to prevent scratching.
  • Secondly, pad out your furniture – we recommend you stick soft padding on the bottom of all heavy items of furniture to protect your floors against scratching and gouging. Padding is a much better option than castors, which can still cause marks. Check the underneath of your furniture from time to time as padding can wear through.
  • Thirdly, think about what type of footwear you wear around the house. High heeled shoes can actually dent your timber floors. Solid shoes like work boots can damage floors too because material can get caught in the grips and then end up on your floor.
For more tips and advice from your professional Melbourne Bayside floor sanders, check out our links to Blog page or About Us page .