Floor Polishing & Floor Polishers in Melbourne

Once your floorboards have been fully sanded, they are ready for the final touch: polishing.
Floor polishing not only brings out the beauty in the timber but the polish itself helps protect your floor from damage and also fills in minor cracks and marks.
We have been polishing timber floors across the greater Melbourne region for 15 years and we can ensure that your floors will look their best when we’ve finished with them.

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We’ve been called into properties where the workmanship was not up to scratch or the wrong polishing product has been used and the results can be ugly! Using the wrong product can result in cracking, bending and clumping.

Below are a few points to consider when choosing your polish:

  • Different polishing products may be suitable in different environments, so you’ll need a product suited to the temperate, changeable conditions we have here in Melbourne.
  • Another factor to take into account is the type of timber you have and how old it is. This can influence the type of polish you’ll need.
  • The final decision you’ll need to make is a personal one: how do you want your floors to look?You can choose between a gloss, satin or matte finish:
Each of these finishes will look different, depending on the type of timber you have, but here’s a brief summary to give you an idea:
Gloss – Applying a gloss finish will give your floors that beautiful shiny “high gloss” look. Gloss finishes are excellent for highlighting details within the timber and certainly make an impression. However they are not so good at hiding scratches and marks. We would not recommend gloss finish for areas of high traffic or, if you have pets.
Satin – The satin finish is recommended by many decorators. This finish has an intermediate sheen level, so you will still see the light reflecting off the floor however;it won’t be as shiny as what you’d find in a gloss finish. Satin finish has the advantage of better concealing marks and scratches on the timber and it’s therefore preferable than gloss for homes with children, pets andlots of comings and goings.
Matte– A matte finish has very low sheen. It will create a flat, clean appearance. Matte coatings are considered low maintenance because they are very good at concealing all those marks and scratches in high use areas of the house.
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